An NYPD Brooklyn precinct commanding officer has received what is considered to be a demotion, and it has given 50 Cent reason to celebrate.

Having previously told officers to shoot 50 Cent "on sight" last year, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez was transferred to the NYPD's Auxiliary Police Section last week. Fif is thrilled by the news and shared the story on his Instagram. 

"Remember this guy Commanding officer Gonzalez from the 72 precinct," wrote 50 Cent alongside a screenshot of New York Post's headline. "They bust his ass down to auxiliary no more strap just a flash light and badge LOL. HaHahahahahah #abcforlife."

A source close to the situation described the move as "punishment," but an NYPD spokesman denied the transfer had anything to do with "the 50 Cent allegations." 

On a roll call on June 7, 2019, Gonzalez allegedly told officers if they see 50 Cent they should "shoot him on sight." Following the report, the police department said the situation was "under internal review," while 50 Cent said he was considering "legal counsel" over concerns of the threat. Gonzalez supposedly made the comments after he was accused of "unfairly target[ing]" hip-hop club Love & Lust, to which 50 replied to in a since-deleted Instagram post featuring his "get the strap" catchphrase. 

Chairman of the National Lation Officers Association Anthony Miranda claimed that Gonzalez's move to the auxiliary program was a promotion, however. "The fact of the matter is being the commanding officer of the auxiliary division is an identified promotional command, where the last leadership was a full inspector. It’s also overseeing the largest voluntary part of the New York City police department," Miranda said.

He added that the reports relating the move to the alleged comments on 50 Cent was an attack on Gonzalez's character. "It's a political attack. It's a hack attack," he said.