YK Osiris recently stopped by high schools in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, and he had plenty to talk about with the students. 

As XXL Magazine pointed out, Osiris paid visits to Ribault High School and Raines High School, and a clip from one of his talks has caught some attention online. 

"All y'all favorite rappers, they be dumb as fuck," Osiris told a classroom in a video presumably filmed on a student's phone. "They can't hold a conversation for an hour. They don't even know how to spell. I swear to god."

He didn't mention any names in the clip, so it's unclear if he had anyone particular in mind. The clip is taken from a longer conversation he had with the class, so his comments could have been taken out of context.

The video surfaced online not too long after YK Osiris was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. He denied the allegations, and has since been released.

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