We all know Vibbar member Poet for expressing his vibrant personality across a number of online platforms, but very rarely are we treated to a glimpse of his vulnerability.

On "Snapchat", a track taken from Vibbar's San Junipero project, we get to hear Poet at his most vulnerable as he shares a story about his relationship with the mother of his children. The jazz-laced, boom-bap styled instrumental comes part-and-parcel with Poet's steady and charismatic flows and a pen game that only someone with experience and maturity could deliver.

The accompanying visuals help to relay Poet's self-reflection on the song, as we hop between him and his younger self with his lady. With this football and music fanatic laying it all on the table, the emotion is there for all to see.

Watch the "Snapchat" visuals above and stream the San Junipero EP below.