London-based Italian producers Nan Kolè and DJ Tess have just announced the impending release of their collaborative Homemade EP (due Feb. 14), a collection that sees the pair work with some of their favourite artists from across the globe, including Ghanaian MC Jakhal Beeley, producer Agostino, and London emcee NyNy

Now they're ready with Jennifer Ayebaitari Ese's Super 8-style visuals created for the lead single, "Gimme Any Riddim" with Female Allstar NyNy. Rising to the challenge laid out in the title, the Italian duo have given her a drum-heavy fusion of UK funky and grime with a galloping rhythm that never lets up. Tirelessly sprinting across the beat, NyNy rises to the occasion and makes light of it, whipping out quick-witted rhymes and tongue-in-cheek rebukes to any challengers who might come her way. 

Speaking with Complex via email, the two producers told us: 
"We've lived together under the same roof for the past two years, and the creative process for this EP was just very natural and spontaneous, which is why we called it Homemade — it's a kind of handcrafted genuine work."