Next Friday, singer-songwriter and producer MEI will release No Steps Back, the third and final part in a series of seasonal EPs that kicked off with last summer's No Bad Days and continued with the autumnal No Dim Lights.

Written and produced with long-time collaborator Joy Anonymous, "I Don't Know What's Next" is the first taste of the trilogy's conclusion and follows the path its predecessors laid out. Where No Bad Days was vibrant and club-ready, and No Dim Lights was slightly more muted and intimate, "I Don't Know What's Next" hints at a collection of tracks that are far more intimate and introspective.

However, this by no means downbeat, instead MEI uses a slower tempo and soul-baring lyrics to look deep within herself in a bid to figure out the future. With a rousing string section and almost hymnal backing vocals repeating the line No fear, no fear, no fear, "I Don't Know What's Next" may feel like an ending of sorts, but this is only the beginning of something much bigger — and she's ready for it, whatever that might be.

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