Life on the road can be a lonely existence if you're a musician and that seems to go double if you're a solo artist with out the comeraderie of a band or crew to keep you going. That's the tale South London singer-songwriter Jake Isaac weaves for us on his bittersweet new single "Thinking 'Bout You". You're the soul I come right back to every time, he sings with more than a hint of sadness in his heart-melting voice. Wrapped up in a restrained yet soulful package, there's a hint of Gospel in the background that deftly amplifies the song's emotive qualities.

Having gone solo after several years in the industry as both an artist and a session musician, his newfound independence may bring with it a degree of loneliness, but if this is what he's capable of without creative constraints, then it may prove to be a price worth paying.

Speaking with Complex via email, Jake told us: "This song is and always will be so real for me and so many of my mates who are touring musos. It's about the part of a musicians job that they love but hate at the same time, bittersweet. No one likes leaving behind someone they love no matter how much they love being on the road."

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