Premiere: Multi-Disciplined Soul Singer Griff Copes With Separation By Remembering The "Good Stuff"

You can see Griff live at London's Omeara on March 25.

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After making a big impact last year with her debut EP The Mirror Talk and a sold-out live show at Hoxton Hall, Watford-born singer-songwriter Griff is back to build on the buzz it created with her new single "Good Stuff". Written and produced herself, "Good Stuff" is a heart-warming, if a little bittersweet, song about the fleeting nature of life and relationships. Why'd you have to leave me with the good stuff? she sings through pained vocals over a haunting piano line. She might be able to hold onto those good memories, even if that's not necessarily a positive. Although it works well as a break-up song on the face of it, actually the song is about something else entirely.

Speaking with Complex via email, Griff told us: "This song mean a lot to me as it represents a connection I have with foster kids that comes in and out of my life. So many different emotions grows as you build a relationship with them. Then you have to see them leave. The memories I have only remind me of the 'good stuff'. Hence the reason for this song."

You can see Griff live at London's Omeara on March 25.

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