London-based vocalist/songwriter ELIZA has returned with her latest sultry offering, "Lava / Treacle", featuring South London rapper Jesse James Solomon.

Over the last few years, ELIZA has been mastering her soulful sound and solidifying herself as an artist we should be locked in to. Exploring her inner depth and integrity, the authenticity within ELIZA's artistry shines through in her music — and with a number of independent singles under her belt, including the COLORS smash "Wasn't Looking", "Wide Eyed Fool" and more, the singer continues to carve out a lane for herself. 

Following up from her widely-acclaimed 2019 album, A Real Romantic, "Lava / Treacle" is ELIZA's first single of the year. Layered on top of a dreamy backdrop, ELIZA takes centre stage with her powerhouse vocals before Jesse James Solomon drops a laid-back verse in his signature style of rap. In the accompanying video, we see both artists in various locations (from a spinning lens) emphasising the hypnotic feel of the song.

Watch the video for "Lava / Treacle" above.