In the latest portion of his interview with DJ Vlad, Nick Cannon theorized that controversial rapper 6ix9ine was working with the FBI from the start. The artist is just months away from being released at this point, as he received a severely reduced sentence after he testified against his fellow Nine Trey Blood gang members.

Cannon believes 6ix9ine was targeted by police because he was vulnerable, calling the FBI the real "criminals." He went on to compare the situation to the story of Donnie Brasco, aka FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone, who lived an undercover life in order to take down the mafia.

"I do believe there's being a message sent to America. ... First of all, when I joke and say 'Donnie Brasco' and Tekashi was probably the FBI the entire time, let's just talk about the FBI for a second."

Cannon elaborated that the FBI has utilized people like this in the past in order to take down an "entire community." He added, "You wanna talk conspiracy, they got 'em all on conspiracy. Cause [they're] admitting stuff and it's all on video. They've been doing this since the Mafia. This is a prime example of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation can take out an entire neighborhood, an entire community, an entire people, and put them all in cages. And they used young Daniel to do it. That's all they did."

Despite this, Cannon maintains that 6ix9ine is "no mastermind" and was simply used by those around him, including the FBI. "The FBI are the masterminds. The law enforcement. The police department who want to put black men in cages," he continued. Cannon hesitated to outright say the rapper was an FBI agent, but he maintains that 6ix9ine was likely in contact with the feds early on. "If he wasn't an FBI agent, there was an FBI agent very close by." 

With a smile on his face, Cannon did remark that the story will make for an "amazing movie." Watch the full interview clip above.

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