If you or someone you know pre-ordered Frank Ocean's "Little Demon" vinyl, then there's apparently a fair chance you don't need this article to inform you that you may actually be getting something entirely new from Ocean instead. 

As fans' increasingly circulated email screenshots made known this week, the Skepta collab has evidently been replaced on the vinyl by what Ocean’s team says is a "new, unreleased Frank Ocean song."

Nothing else, including the release date or context of this latest Ocean drop, has been made public. Meanwhile, some fans have claimed to have not received this email, so the quasi-announcement isn't totally free of confusion.

The post-Blonde era for Ocean fans has consisted of a run of guest features and one-off singles. Last year, for example, saw the release of "DHL" and "In My Room."

A rare interview published last September gave fans some detailed hope for even more new music from Ocean, who generously offered up a rundown of what had been inspiring him in the studio at the time.

"I've been interested in club, and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs," Ocean teased to W Magazine at the time.