Lil Uzi Vert, who still hasn't yet blessed the year 2020 with a new full-length album, is presently the subject of a slew of ripped IG clips and impassioned headlines thanks to his Bugatti.

As seen in the clips below, presumably bored Uzi fans managed to spot the "Futsal Shuffle 2020" crafter's car strapped to a flatbed on the interstate.

"You got him fucked up, man . . . Give Uzi his fuckin' whip back, man! Give Uzi the whip back!" one fan is heard saying in footage of the car seen mid-transit. The fan also jokes about getting the car back on Uzi's behalf, adding that his boss would likely fire him.

Over on Twitter, another fan joked that Uzi's prized vehicle was "on tour," prompting a quick explainer from Uzi on why, exactly, fans had been able to spot the car in this predicament. 

Per Uzi, he was merely sending the car to the shop to fix the rims due to the fact that someone "fucked my shit up." He chalked it up to "just swapping out the foreign."

Earlier this week, it was reported that the car had been hit with a boot in New York and towed, though it's not clear if that was a separate incident or related to Uzi stating that "they fucked my shit up."

Of course, it's somewhat incredible to write an entire article about this sort of thing, but that's the way life goes when it's 2020 and you're still awaiting the presumed revelations of Eternal Atake.