Over the now rapidly fading weekend Kanye West returned to Chicago to hold his second Sunday Service in the city. The move, which coincided with the NBA also holding its All-Star festivities in Chicago, marked the first time that Kanye's treated his hometown to one of these shows since last September.

On Thursday, West tweeted out that he would be performing at the University of Illinois Chicago's Credit Union 1 Arena. Naturally it didn't take long for tickets to sell out

The most recent Sunday service saw Kanye is perform a medley of his hits, including a gospel version of "Can't Tell Me Nothing" in addition to "Jesus Walks."

While social media is by no means a perfect metric for gauging success, those in attendance who did post about it seemed to very much enjoy the show. If the full service makes its way onto the internet we'll be sure to update, but for now, here's an idea of how things went: