Grime MC Big Zuu and rapper Jevon are two of the UK's most vibrant lyricists—some might say underrated, too—and so them teaming up on a track makes plenty of sense. Produced by Jevon, new single "Duppy" showcases two different energies combined into one as the London boys go back-to-back on two different instrumentals. Starting with a boom bap-leaning backdrop, we're treated to a smooth transition mid-way through as it turns into a flamenco-tinged hype for the two rhymers to bounce off.

With the chemistry between Big Zuu and Jevon clear for all to hear, the impressively-directed Fenn O'Meally visuals boast slick cutaway shots that take them from one location to another, intertwined with a number of eye-catching illustrations.

There's a whole lot of creativity going on here. Press play up top.