One of the UK's most respected DJs and record producers, Andrew Weatherall, has died aged 56.

Highly revered across the music industry, Weatherall worked with the likes of New Order, Happy Mondays and also guided Primal Scream to the first Mercury Prize back in 1992.

Weatherall died in hospital on Monday morning, his spokesperson has confirmed stating that he was "being treated in hospital but unfortunately a blood clot reached his heart. His death was swift and peaceful. His family and friends are profoundly saddened by his death and are taking time to gather their thoughts."

The Windsor-born artist was best known for his production work on Primal Scream's 1992 LP Screamadelica, which has proved to be an era-defining piece of British music.

While performing as a DJ in his golden years, Weatherall was invited to play at the Shroom nightclub in London by DJ Danny Rampling, where he then went on to document rave culture with the fanzine Boys Own. His DJ career then resulted in him eventually remixing New Order's "Worlds In Motion" and, along with Paul Oakenfold, the Happy Mondays' "Hallelujah".

However, after making his mark during the acid house era, Weatherall truly made his stamp when remixing Primal Scream's "I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have", leading to the producer adding his own spin on Primal Scream's Screamadelica album, which took them from rock to dance.

We send our condolences to Andy Weatherall's family and friends at this time.


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