Action Bronson isn’t too pleased right now.

The rapper and chef took to Twitter to air out some of his frustrations with his Viceland show, Fuck, That’s Delicious, which has suffered some setbacks.

"Fuck, Thats Delicious! Season whatever it is has been ready and the motherfuckas are holding it hostage. My contract is over in full in March and I promise Im gonna shove it down your fucking throats every chance I get. You’ve sabotaged my shows at every turn. FTD 4 eva," he wrote.

Tensions have been high between Bronson and Vice. In October 2018, Bronson went off after Viceland’s Twitter account shared a meme that referenced him as Salt Bae. “Remember Salt Bae?” asked the tweet. “This is him now. Feel old yet?”

However, rather than a photo of Salt Bae, the tweet attached a gif of Bronson using a salt grinder to prepare a dish, which was taken from his show. “You weirdo motherf*ckers are lucky to have ever been in my presence,” he tweeted. “F*ck you and all your bullsh*t. Ill take my talents elsewhere because you sure don’t appreciate what I’ve done for you.” He also said he owns the rights to his show.

Bronson talked about his relationship with his network and his probable departure later that month in an interview with Hot 97.

“They could use that energy and use it to promote the show that’s on their channel. My show. They could promote the music I just put out being that we worked together for six fucking years. It just irked me. It was an underlying thing. It wasn’t just that. It was all types of things behind the scenes that have been upsetting me for years. At this moment, I’m just ready for a new endeavor. A new chapter. It’s been beautiful. They gave me opportunities to do things that other companies wouldn’t have allowed.”

He added, “It’s a wrap. I’m not going to look back in the past and be upset about anything. I feel like it could have been nurtured a lot more on a lot of different parts. Shit happens and it is what it is.”

Action Bronson is gearing up to kick off a nationwide tour this March.