Tainy shares the official video for his new single "LENTO," which finds him linking up fellow stars Sean Paul, Cazzu, and Mozart La Para.

The visual and track arrives weeks after Tainy shared "Mera," the lead single off his upcoming EP, The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton: Neon Tapes.

"Crazy happy on how the video came out, working with the directors my bros Elliot and Tristan is always amazing, they went off on this 'Lento' vid keeping the film aesthetic going," he told Complex. "Working with the guys Mozart, Cazzu and Sean Paul just made it even better, always fun."

You can check out the "LENTO" video above. 

During a September interview with Complex News, the producer/songwriter spoke about reggaeton's significance among the Puerto Rican community, working with some of the genre's biggest stars, and struggling to come up with a title for his first solo project.

"There's no name for it," he said at the time. "I think I'm think worst at that part: coming up with names for stuff. I keep second-guessing. At least for this project, since it's my first time doing it, I want it to be so perfect."

Tainy also shed some light on his production process during last month's ComplexCon(versations) panel conversation, How to Make a Modern Day Rap Hit.

Stay tuned as more info about The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton: Neon Tapes becomes available.