It was only last September that London-based singer-songwriter Zola Courtney emerged with her debut single "Nothing To Lose", but she's already released her debut EP of the same name. Now she's ready with the third single to be liberated from the EP, "Blame", and she's packaged it up with some fresh visuals from her old friend, film-maker and photographer Theo Batterham.

Part kitchen sink drama, part interpretive dance piece, "Blame" and its accompanying visuals tell the tale of a heated argument escalating way out of control and the need for cooler heads to prevail. Woven together with emotionally-wrought songwriting and a restrained composition, "Blame" is the ideal calling card for a storyteller who's really coming into her own.

Speaking with Complex via email, Zola told us: "'Blame' is a blow by blow account of an argument I had with my boyfriend. In the end, we agreed we were both acting out, hence why in the chorus I talk about sharing the blame, writing about it so soon after felt cathartic."