After spending much of 2019 going through a dark time in his life, multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, Tommi Waring has emerged from the experience with a renewed sense of optimism. It may not be immediately apparent, judging by the upbeat grooves and slick guitar licks of "Moonracer", but this new one is the product of a period of reflection. Beneath the dancefloor-ready rhythms, however, there's a cathartic quality to his upbeat and infectious new single that gets more and more noticeable with each new listen.

Speaking with Complex via email, Waring explained: "With 'Moonracer', I wanted to put myself in a place of reflection and imagination. Throughout the last year I fell into a world of depression and loss and wanted to write what it felt like to fade into an abyss of which the likes I could only compare to drifting into space."