Earlier this month, MJ Cole brought in the new year with a Shanti Celeste remix of one of his own unreleased cuts, "Dizzy New Heights", and now he's back with another reworking, this time it's lo-fi loving brothers Model Man putting their spin on another unreleased jam from the vaults, "90 Miles".

Of course, we don't have the original to compare it to, but it's clear the brothers have taken a jazzy approach to the arrangements, juggling the myriad elements and reshaping them into a dizzying whirlwind of shattered 2-step rhythms, ominous synths and about a dozen other elements, all tied together surprisingly cohesively.

Rumour has it that both "Dizzy New Heights" and "90 Miles" are set to appear on a mysterious new project that Cole has in the works.

Speaking with Complex via email, Model Man told us: "'MJ Cole is someone we've looked up to for a while. So to get the chance to contribute to his oeuvre in any way feels great. His new work is totally unexpected and it just feels like a good match to the sounds we've been exploring recently.'"

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