Melbourne-based producer Juno Mamba, aka Vinci Andanar, is spending the first quarter of the year gearing up for the release of his debut EP, Light Echoes. Having spent much of his career behind-the-scenes, Andanar is stepping straight into the limelight and putting his mood-driven productions front and centre.

The first cut to emerge from the EP is "Blossom" and it's a masterclass in building emotionally-wrought electronics. He lists the likes of Bonobo and Flying Lotus as influences and the mix of colourful melodies and hypnotising grooves are testament to just that. However, what separates him is his ability to apply that to a more club-focused setting, stirring your emotions and your feet all at the same time.

Speaking with Complex via email, he told us: "In the early stages of writing 'Blossom', I was unsure about a lot of things, especially where my life was at in that moment of time. It wasn't until the song was starting to take form that I knew I was exactly where I needed to be and it felt liberating. I remember when I recorded the main lead line that's introduced in the beginning, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, especially when the bass note transitions for the first time as the lead hovers above it. Listen out for a particular sound at the end of the track, which was taken from my first single 'Flicker'. I like the idea recycling sounds and layers from other songs I've written and incorporating them into others. It makes everything feel connected."

"Blossom" is taken from his debut EP, Light Echoes, which is out March 20 via Soothsayer.