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California-based duo Esofact are today sharing their new feel-good single, "Yuri".

Releasing their first track, "I've Got That", back in 2014, the dynamic pair have been creating a reputable status for themselves in the dance world ever since. Drawing influence from the likes of Pusher, Ekali, Gillepsy, Troyboi, Mercy, Geotheory and Val, Esofact have a certain soulfulness that runs through their work. 

Following up their last release of 2019 in "Blocks", "Yuri" is set to feature on their forthcoming self-titled EP, due on Jan. 31. Enriched with futuristic rhythms and distorted vocals, this one is bound to have you up and moving.

"We're extremely excited to share our debut EP with the world," Esofact told Complex via email. "We wanted this release to embody the feel-good future genre in a way that no one had quite approached it before. Our compositions are intricate, and we explore the idea of multiple key changes to communicate large story arcs. Between the use of synths and found sounds, along with relatively experimental compositions, we are very proud of what this EP brings to the future beats/bass genre."

Listen to "Yuri" exclusively below.