British-Dutch trio Cubicolor originally started out as a duo consisting of Amsterdam-based producers Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek under the name 16BL before they were joined by UK singer-songwriter Tim Digby-Bell. Their debut album, Brainsugar, dropped a year after Tim's arrival and now the trio have really hit their stride, slating a second album for a February 21 release.

Ahead of that, they're now sharing the album's second single, "Wake Me Up", following the positive reception met by its predecessor, "Points Beyond". A bittersweet mixture of soothing and uplifting electronics provide a restrained background for Tim's soft, fragile vocals, pierced only by a rousing drum beat at the three-minute mark.  

The story goes that the upcoming album was recorded entirely on Peter's studio boat in Amsterdam and, whether consciously or not, it sounds as if putting themselves in that environment has given the album a dream-like, escapist quality that's always welcome this time of year.

"Wake Me Up" is the second single to be taken from their second album, Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night, via Anjunadeep (pre-order it here).

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