It's been a hectic, dramatic couple of weeks in the grime scene. A war was fought on several fronts, but for now that seems to have been eclipsed by an increasingly personal feud between Wiley and Stormzy. In amongst all that was Dot Rotten, who had his own gripes with Wiley, but he was also interspersing the tweets and war dubs with quite a few gems you might have missed, including forgotten radio sets and even new music.

The best of that was his brand new project, 808s & Gunshots, a cleverly-timed 20-track album that includes previously heard cuts like "4am In The Morgue" and, somewhat controversially, the "Million Bucks" tune that sparked the whole war in the first place. Right from the opening bars of "Too Rude" it's clear Dot's out for blood and nobody's safe. It's not limited to grime either, giving us the full rundown of his sonic palette with elements of drill, trap and rap stirred into the rowdy and energetic mix.

No matter whose side you're on in this whole saga, you can't deny we're getting spoiled for new music.

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