Much was made of Cadell's beef with Stormzy when they sparred a few years ago, but then things seemed to quiten down and we all got on with our lives. Now, however, with the increasingly heated war between Wiley and Stormzy, the details of Cadell's situation have bubbled back up to the surface.

Referenced in Stormzy's first war dub, "Disappointed", the initial conflict centres around Stormzy and Cadell allegedly getting into a physical altercation while Wiley's father looked on. In an interview with NFTR at the time, Wiley said: "I just wish my brother wasn't clashing him." He then went on to say, "I don't know where he got the vibe to say 'I'm gonna clash Stormzy today.'" Three years later and both Stormzy and Cadell are making clear their differing versions of events.

Regardless of what happened, this multi-player melee is shaping up to be a historic conflict and one we're sure still holds a few surprise twists and turns in store.