UPDATED 12/16, 5:35 p.m. ET: Wack 100 took to Instagram to clear the air about his alleged altercation with J Roc.

"You motherfuckers stop texting me and dming me talking about am I good, I dunno what the fuck the internet talking about," he said in the new post. "But whatever hoe ass n***a gotta lie and say he knocked me out, or dropped me, or did any of that to me? Whoever that n***a is... Listen n***a, I'm Wack 100. We in the back of Rolling Loud, there's 300 cameras my n***a. If that's the way you gotta get to what's cool n***a, I'll tell you come out and play. All I seen? I seen a n***a swing and run."

He concluded the video by calling whoever he claimed took a swing at him a "bitch ass n***a." A video of an actual fight has yet to surface, leaving only a clip of backstage chaos as the only indication that something happened. Wack does appear to say "he knocked me out" in the video, but he's now refuted that any fight took place.

In another post, Wack said he would give anybody who has a clip of the altercation $100,000. "I got 100,000 for anybody that can produce a video of Wack's body ever touching the concrete," he wrote. 



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Music industry veteran Wack 100 landed himself in hot water recently when he repeatedly questioned the legacy of Nipsey Hussle. He admitted that the late rapper was on his way to becoming legendary, but criticized the small amount of music he dropped in his lifetime. His comments might've resulted in real life violence.

On Monday, videos started to circulate online of Wack 100 waking up after he was supposedly knocked out at Rolling Loud Los Angeles. It's difficult to figure out what exactly is going on, but Wack appears to be angry or upset enough for security to hold him back. Sources close to the situation told TMZ that it was Nip's bodyguard, J Roc, who attacked Wack backstage at the festival. J Roc allegedly punched Wack numerous times before running away.

"I don't know if y'all hate me that much, but Wack's still on top," he said in a video posted to his Instagram. "I don't know who talkin' bout who whooped Wack's ass... Listen, try again. Next time you send a motherfucker, don't send one who knows how to run, send a motherfucker that wanna fight."

In an interview with Nick Cannon earlier this month, Wack did offer Nip some muted praise.

"I said he's got a few joints I personally felt should have went," he said. "I think if he would have been around long enough, maybe he could have got to that status. But for me, to give him that 'legend' word means we have to go back and we have to give LL, Dr. Dre, Cube, and all these other people a different moniker."

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