Bruce Springsteen, of all people, bagged a mention during 6ix9ine's sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

While discussing lyrical subject matter, Judge Paul Engelmayer made reference to the Boss before criticizing 6ix9ine for his "unnecessary" decision to join the Nine Trey gang:

The full quote, via @jruss_jruss by way of Consequence of Sound, is as follows:

"It's a common motif… Bruce Springsteen sang about Murder Incorporated, you essentially joined Murder Incorporated."

Per the detailed updates from Wednesday's sentencing from @InnerCityPress, Engelmayer later assessed that 6ix9ine's story shows the belief that there is "no such thing" as bad publicity. To that end, Engelmayer ultimately determined that a sentence of 13 months was not sufficient in the racketeering and firearms case.

6ix9ine received a two-year sentence, in addition to five years of supervised release. Additionally, he is required to serve 300 hours of community service and pay a fine of $35,000. His 13 months spent in prison will count toward time served, likely getting him out in late 2020.

That Bruce bit from the sentencing hearing, however, is also receiving special attention via tweets. Speaking on the social commentary surrounding the case on Wednesday, Engelmayer noted that the memes had been "appreciated."

And for the record, here's the Bruce track "Murder Incorporated":