The Game and 50 Cent might have put their past differences aside, but the former has indicated it could have ended a lot more ugly than it did. In an interview with HipHopDX, Game broke down how reckless he was in the early days of his career and said he thought he and his then-rival 50 Cent would go out like 2Pac and Biggie.

"I wanted it to end like that," he said when asked why he thought him and Fif might go out like the two legends. "‘Cause when you’re young, you’re stupid as fuck, man. I just felt like in a weird way, this was hip-hop. We were supposed to die in this shit. My mindset was like, ‘If I get killed out here in New York,’ cause I recorded the whole The Doctor’s Advocate in New York. I stayed in New York for 60 days and completed that album, which is why it had like Busta [Rhymes] and Nas, it was more East Coast but still had my West Coast style. I thought even if I get killed in the east, when 50 goes to the west like my homies my coast my fans are gonna kill him."

He added that he thought it would happen vice versa, but at that time he "didn't really give a fuck." During that time of his career, he had a gun with him at all times, which he admitted had him acting "like a fucking idiot." At one point in time, he had around 50 guns in one of his cars. He said the guy who he bought the guns from hit him up on his T-Mobile Sidekick, which he seems to find funny now.

"I bought them motherfuckers and I didn't even take them nowhere," he remarked. "I went to dinner with this bitch." Later the guns were confiscated from his home, and he was out the $10,000 he paid for them all. "I was on some dumb ass shit man." As previously revealed in another recent clip with HipHopDX, Michael Jackson personally called him so that the beef could be put to rest.