Though he prefaced it with a prediction that no one would believe him, Shaq shared a story about bumping into Stevie Wonder during a recent TNT x NBA broadcast.

"I would tell a Stevie Wonder story but y'all ain't gonna believe it," he warned, ultimately proceeding with the tale after a bit of convincing.

"It’s a true story, he said. "We live in a building on Wilshire. So, you park your car and the valet's down there. I'm already in the building. I'm coming through the lobby. The door opens and it's Stevie Wonder. He comes in, says what's up, presses the button—true story!—presses the button, gets off on the floor, and goes to his room. I went and called every person I knew and told the story and they didn't believe me. He got on the elevator, he's like 'What's up, Shaq? How you doing, big dog?'"

See the full tale, as told by Shaq, via the video rip below:

Back in October, Shaq made headlines for helping secure a house for the family of a child who was paralyzed in a shooting. The donation marked a collaboration with Papa John's CEO Rob Lynch and chairman of the board Jeff Smith, among others.

"I'm going to pay her rent for the year and I'm going to give her some furniture and it's sad because her son is paralyzed from the chest down and no mother should have to go to that," Shaq told 11 Alive of the gesture.

Revisit a Pigeons & Planes investigation into Wonder's alleged eyesight below: