Kevin Gates has dropped off the visuals for his "By My Lonely" track.

In the video, the Louisiana native mobs through the streets of North East Washington, D.C. in a way that proves his music speaks to the disenfranchised no matter where they're from. Like the other videos from his I'm Him album, Gates isn't just reciting the song. Instead, he uses the visual to create a narrative. For "By My Lonely," director Gerard Victor puts together a video that follows Gates engaging in criminal activity with his crew. Throughout the clip, Gates accompanies his associates during various crimes. Although it's not exactly depicted what happened to these men (thought it can be inferred), Gates' friends start to disappear as the song continues. This connects the video with the theme of the track.

"By My Lonely" follows his video for "Walls Talking." Gates used the visual for "Walls Talking" to address mental health and suicide prevention. The rapper partnered with suicide prevention organization to create the video and further the conversation surrounding these issues. "Music has always been therapy for me," Gates said in regards to "Walls Talking." "Anyone who is struggling out there should know they aren’t alone. I got you."