During a recent Power 106 appearance, Reese LaFlare discussed—among other things—his initial introduction to noted God of the 666 Lil Uzi Vert.

About 10 minutes in, LaFlare spoke on his assessment that recognition isn't often given as much to those who do new things first. Asked to give an example of "how you feel like you're ahead of the curve," LaFlare pointed to multiple currently popular songwriting methods before elaborating on his history with Uzi.

"Let's see, I mean, all the music [and] the sounds and stuff that people's using now—the cadences and how they rapping and delayed and super-reverbed ad libs—bruh, I was doing that shit in 2010," he said.

From there, DJ Felli Fel asked LaFlare to elaborate on having "kinda discovered" Uzi.

"Ain't no kinda, I did," he said. "All the kids, man, on the internet. The internet is a powerful thing. Uzi hit me up—this was years ago—and he was like 'Hey man, I love your music. Bruh, I'm about to be out of high school.' I'm like 'Alright, cool. Send me some music.' I listened. I'm like 'Damn, you fire' . . .  He like me. He's like a little Philly version of me."

LaFlare then recalled an early tour he did with Wiz Khalifa during his Two-9 days. During the tour, LaFlare invited Uzi to join him on the bus, at which point—according to LaFlare—he met DJ Drama and Leighton "Lakeshow" Morrison for the first time.

Eventually, LaFlare played them songs the two had worked on together. 

"They was like 'This shit is amazing, what are y'all doing?' And they tried to make me and him a group and shit and we was like 'Nah, we're cool,'" he said. "That's my dawg. Me and him, me and Uzi, we be in the future with it."

Asked for some info on Uzi's well-documented Generation Now issues, LaFlare—who says he and Uzi are "cool" now and talk often—explained what he knew about the situation.

"He was signed to them, to Generation Now . . . He's not a part of their management or anything anymore," he said. "Uzi's on Roc Nation." See the full interview up top, which also sees LaFlare teasing that Uzi may make an appearance on his new album.

In the comments section of an Instagram clip taken from the interview, LaFlare reaffirmed that he and Uzi are on good terms and highlighted what he says is his "talent for finding other talents."

You can watch the interview above.