Referencing R&B's '90s golden age in music is an almost surefire way to achieve success in this day and age. The nostalgia value and the timelessness of those dreamy productions will, more often than not, elevate just about anything. The challenge comes when you try to add to it or even improve on it. 

Someone who doesn't seem too put off by that task is Swedish singer-songwriter Linae who has seamlessly blended R&B's past with its future. The golden era makes itself heard in the sugary, infectious hook while the sparse arrangements and experimental flourishes of today's R&B push the track into the future.

The video, directed by Julius Hayes, cleverly reflects that with Linae's wardrobe choices — an oversized hat, a cocktail dress and a cowboy hat all appear at various points — each of them evoking various moments in '90s and '00s R&B history.

Speaking with Complex via email, Linea explained: "The video itself has no clear story. It's more me expressing myself in a personal way throughout and sort of a metaphor for wanting someone but there's a wall inbetween. It's supposed to symbolise our desire to express feelings and be present when it happens. To live out and capture all those impulses, vibrations and emotions taking place when thinking about or even spending time with that specific someone."