At the top of this month, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Geoffroy released his second album, 1952, a more sombre and introspective continuation of the deeply soulful sounds explored on his debut, Coastline. Now he's back with the visuals for his new album's lead single, "When Everything Is Gone", and there's a surprising story behind it.

Directed by Didier Charette and filmed in Brazil, the video started life as an interview-based documentary about a remote community in Brazil that believed extraterrestrials were hidden inside human bodies. However, as filming progressed and the concept evolved, Geoffroy and Charette realised that the tone and energy of the film would be better suited to accompany the former's music.

The result is a surreal and spiritual viewing experience in which Geoffroy's pained vocals match the haunting shots perfectly. Some of the original dialogue remains, giving both the video and the song itself an otherworldly quality that could only have happened organically.