There's not shortage of reasons to be mad in 2019. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, chances are you're surrounded by injustice and inequality. Encouragingly, the spirit of resistance isn't dead and protests are rife across the globe and musicians from every genre are supplying us with some great political anthems, including this one from Belgian techno producer Eva Swan. "Equality" is a towering techno monolith with a relentless, almost industrial 4x4 beat behind Swan's commanding vocals as she champions feminism and the fight against oppression, surging through the speakers with an unwavering fury. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Eva Swan told us: "The track is filled with underground vibrations. Influenced by the street and the industrial environment, you can hear the love for sharp unfiltered noises. Many of these arrangements are raw, strong, repetitive and minimalistic. So are the vocals. Selected after careful consideration to reflect the emotional power. What a magical feeling to be able to create my own composition, my tune. But what is the goal? To raise more awareness for women’s rights and equal rights. Questioning the place of women in society nowadays. I was so inspired by the Netflix documentary Feminists: What Were They Thinking? and touched by the efforts of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson: If not me, who? If not now, when? Remember, equality is all about freedom. The time is now." Eva Swan