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Drake decided to cut his surprise set at Camp Flog Gnaw short after attendees booed him off stage.

Some fans were expecting Frank Ocean to make an appearance at the festival, leading to outrage from some in the crowd. Tyler, the Creator has already addressed the situation on Twitter, expressing embarrassment over the fans that booed while thanking Drake for showing up. In hearing the news, J.I.D has chimed in with his thoughts, and he seems surprised it even happened.

"I thought we collectively loved Drake, wat y'all doing?" the Dreamville rapper asked his followers. Around an hour later after receiving plenty of replies telling him the contrary, he added, "I be wrong all the time." In further tweets, he criticized the attendees for booing Drizzy. "These comments so cap, y'all was just singing 'Nice For What' and 'God's Plan' til ya got strep throat now it's fuck Drake, shut up lol."

6lack also got in J.I.D's replies. "You know this happens to the best of us lol sometimes you in the wrong place and you gotta say, 'ight fuck it imma head out,'" he said, to which J.I.D replied, "Lmfaoo shit crazy bro."

After getting a lot of negative tweets for assuming everyone loved Drake, J.I.D engaged with and trolled his fans. 

After his tweets about the situation and between his responses to fans, J.I.D teased that he's going to drop his "life's story worth of albums," and then work on "writing/directing movies and coaching football til I die cuz n***az crazy lol."

As previously mentioned, Tyler responded to Drake's brief Camp Flog Gnaw set on Twitter on Monday. "I thought bringing one of the biggest artist on the fucking planet to a music festival was fire," Tyler tweeted in all caps. "But flipside, a lil tone deaf knowing the specific crowd it drew. Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like assholes when it didn't come true and I don't fuck with that."