Halsey has put a paparazzo on blast.

On Friday, the 25-year-old singer shared a couple of Instagram Stories in which she claimed to have endured daily harassment at the hands of a photographer. Halsey said the man not only camped outside her home, he also chased her "violently" through traffic, and followed her to her doctor's office and parent's house. She then reminded her fans that despite being in the public eye, celebrities still have a right to privacy and safety.

"What's crazy to me, is if a guy camped outside your house and hid in a bush and took photos of you with a long lense camera every single day, without you knowing, you would be so creeped out and scared you would call the police and say you're being harassed," she wrote in a story, which can no longer be viewed. "But when ur famous it's just like 'LOL U ASKED FOR THIS!!!!' Some FUCK SHIT."

She continued: "ESPECIALLY if they chased u in their car violently through traffic and followed you places like the doctors office and your parents house. SMH"

Earlier this week, the paparazzi released several pictures of Halsey and her boyfriend, Evan Peters, who was photographed placing his hand over the singer's stomach. The images ignited pregnancy rumors, which Halsey immediately shot down:

The amusing explanation was followed by a much more serious message. Halsey stated it was "really inappropriate" to speculate about a woman's pregnancy, as the subject is especially sensitive among couples who have issues with infertility.