Little Rock, Arkansas rapper Goon Des Garcons* has been impressing for quite some time now. The rapper signed to Def Jam earlier this year, and with his latest single, "Hyperloop Anthems," he's made it clear what the label sees in him. Produced by Idle, the hard-hitting track is among his most immediate songs to date.

"'Hyperloop Anthems' is really just for the kids to go into the future with honestly," he told Complex. "I recorded it the night after my legendary flamethrower performance." Last year, the rapper showed off in the video for "New Stimulations," which included a Tesla and Elon Musk's Boring Co. flamethrower. 

The release of "Hyperloop Anthems" follows his last single, "Breathe Outside While You Can," featuring Filho and Jeleel. The bouncy track is little less aggressive than "Hyperloop," but it's no less indicative of what the talented Arkansas native is capable of. "Breathe" is taken from his debut EP through Def Jam Recordings, Cheers to the End of the World.