Beats By Dre already had the headphone game on lock, but with the Beats Solo Pro, they've taken it to another level. 

The noise-canceling headphones have been rebuilt from the ground up. Beats haven't used a single component from previous models, as they linked up with Apple's product design team to optimise not only the audio quality and noise-canceling performance of the headphones, but also the way they feel over your head and ears, and, of course, how they look.

The noise-canceling functionality operates off the back of two mics embedded in the headphones, to constantly filter environmental noise. But, with the press of a button, you can also slip into 'transparency mode', allowing you to hear announcements, car horns and sirens, or just talk with your friends.

With the tech work improved, Beats linked up with Pharrell to have the headphones look their best. The 'More Matte' collection features vibrant colours selected by Pharrell, which are available alongside the core black, ivory and grey styles.

The new Beats Solo Pro are available now. For more info, head to the Beats website.