Prior to flipping on his co-defendants, 6ix9ine was one of the hottest artists in the music industry. But since his cooperation with the police was revealed, fans and rappers have denounced 6ix9ine as a snitch. Despite this, the rapper's girlfriend, Jade, has stuck by his side and she continues to show solidarity with her man. 

On Monday, Jade posted a picture of the rapper to her account. In the post's caption, Jade attacks artists that have dissed 6ix9ine since he's been incarcerated.

"I find it funny how every time somebody drops an album or a new song they say something about 6ix9ine. They could never compare the numbers are there. PLATINUM, toured around the world they could NEVER. women LIE , men LIE! NUMBERS DON’T," Jade wrote after claiming that this year's music has been on the decline due to 6ix9ine's absence.

6ix9ine put the music industry on notice when he crowned himself the King of New York in 2018. Yet since then, his status as a Nine Trey Gangster Blood was revealed to be false and he's taken the stand against his co-defendants in an effort to receive less prison time. As a result, several rappers have condemned 6ix9ine for working with the feds. 

"I don't think he ever was a gangster," Fat Joe said during an interview with Big Boy. "The worst thing you could do in the history of mankind is be a rat. You gotta understand, when you tell you destroy families." 

Dave East echoed these thoughts during his conversation with Big Boy. He also recalled meeting 6ix9ine before he was claiming to be a gang member. 

"We was in the studio," East said. "He didn't have no tattoos, he didn't have no colorful hair. He had a regular haircut. He sat in the corner. He was a cameraman. He used to do videos... Real L-7 if you ask me. Next time I see him, he's the biggest blood I've ever seen on Earth... He ain't from that and he ain't sign up for that... We—from the 'hood—call people 'snitches.' Nowhere else do they care... We created that. So if you ain't from that life or sign up for that life how you gonna feel like he gonna hold that down?"

Others have addressed 6ix9ine such as Casanova, Snoop Dogg, Tory Lanez, and many more.

While he's still awaiting sentencing for his racketeering charges, 6ix9ine was able to get an assault case in Texas dismissed. According to TMZ, the victim asked the judge and the prosecution to drop the charges. Also his status as an informant would make travel to Texas to stand trial a "security risk."