Yo! MTV Raps host and radio personality André "Doctor Dré" Brown has revealed that he's diabetic and losing his sight. As ABC 7 reports, Dré has lost a toe and mostly lost his vision as a result of type 2 diabetes. 

"I have a foundation called the Doctor Dré V.I.C (Visually Impaired Can) Foundation," he said during his interview with ABC 7. "Basically, I've been going through a whole resurgence of my life. I stopped at one point and now I'm doing this. Through the blessings of the late-great Dick Gregory and some people he'd known, I've worked with some holistic doctors out there to change what goes in my body and actually work with trying to do the best to treat diabetes."

He said that the reason for his vision suffering doesn't just come down to diabetes, as he previously had to have his retinas attached. Scar tissue behind his eyes "fluctuates," and he can sometimes see for a short amount of time. Dré said that his faith in religion has managed to keep him going throughout all his health woes. 

Watch his interview with ABC 7 above.

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