T-Pain's innovative approach to making music resulted in him hitting a legendary status early into his career. Because his style was so unique and run so dominant, fans have been searching to find his successor. This forced Pain to set the record straight.

T-Pain unleashed a tweet in which he let it be known there will never be another artist like him in the foreseeable future. "Bro. Just because somebody has 2 songs YOU like does NOT mean they are 'tHe NeW tPaIn'," he wrote. "I been doing this shit for way too long and done saved too many other artists careers and done had too many #1 records for a n***a wit a hot single to be the new me chill bro."

Like almost anything that hits the internet, Pain's tweet was met with a host of trolls. This didn't seem to bother the singer. When one user tried to tell the 34-year-old he needs to put that energy into "saving" his own career, T-Pain informed her of his accomplishments and the various ways artists can make money within the music industry.

"The fact that you even saw this tweet means I’m fine," he responded. "And also. 2 platinum albums. 6 Grammies. Writing for your new fave. I’m good mama. Fact check."

Just in case some of his fans follow don't follow both his Instagram and Twitter, T-Pain decided to reaffirm his message by posting a screenshot of this tweet on the 'gram. 


Period. Point. _______

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