After making her debut earlier this summer with the hazy grooves of "Catch A Feeling", it didn't take long for Michi, aka Michelle Guerrero, to follow it up with her latest single "Still Feel U". Continuing in that vein of '70s grooves melded with understated pop sensibilities, "Still Feel U" takes everything that made the debut work and improves on it. The result is an instantly likable, unpretentious piece of alt-pop that will undoubtedly embed itself in your mind.

Fittingly, the visuals from director Haley Appell (whose CV includes work with Tyler The Creator, Taylor Swift and Big Sean) are just as understated, capturing the singer on Super8 as she writhes and slinks around the stage — and wanders the streets of Las Vegas — while seductively singing about a love she just can't seem to shake.

"The 'Still Feel U' music video is the visual pleasure born out of meeting and collaborating with LA's most talented, babely and treasured friend of mine, Haley Appell. Sharing the vision for a home-spun (DIY) approach, the video captures the dated yet funky cool aesthetic I'd been dreaming of communicating to the world. With Haley's brilliance and skill, this is a visual elevation of the song and project altogether with the goal of giving the world a peek of who Michi is, and leaving you feeling good."