With his new single "Grey/Blue", Nottingham-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist George Gretton may well have cemented a very bright future for himself. A winning combination of heart-wrenching vocals, incisive lyricism and a stunning, otherworldly production should, by rights, shoot him into the big time. Keeping a hands-on approach, from the soaring vocal performance to the twinkling harp melodies, not only will his mastery of the entire creative process make the good moments he sings about far outweigh the bad ones, it'll also make him a highly sought-after producer and songwriter for other artists. 

Speaking with Complex via email, George told us: "I had heard the phrase 'Whether skies are grey or blue' somewhere and it really resonated with me. I wrote the lyrics during a time of no personal progression whatsoever, and that line was just such a beautiful way of basically saying that I've just got to crack on through the good moments and the not so good moments. I sampled myself singing that line over the top of all the other layers, and the rest of the lyrics are just an internal monologue discussing that concept with myself. The ideas all came together really quickly, so it's definitely a really raw insight into what I'd said, listened to and felt that day." 

Catch George Gretton at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall Theatre on November 5 (tickets here) in conjunction with the WE movement and then The Courtyard in London on November 28 (tickets here).