This summer, politically-minded Brighton rapper Dereck D.A.C released his debut project, Umm.. Random Shit, a thoughtfully-crafted eight-track collection of hip-hop infused with influence from his Angolan, Lebanese, Portuguese and Brazilian heritage. Now he's releasing the second single from the project, "Oceans 11", following last month's "Cheesy".

The new self-directed video continues in much the same vein as its predecessor — grainy, lo-fi shots of a nostalgic tour around Brighton & Hove — but the track itself is even more downtempo. Where "Cheesy" was a laid-back piece of boom bap with plenty of bounce, "Oceans 11" is even more introspective as out protagonist wonders what happened to a debauched summer. As with the rest of the EP, the soul, jazz and bossa nova-influenced production comes from friend and collaborator Kian Vaziri with input from the man himself.