Emerging pop and R&B singer Amilli, we're told, chose a different path in life and actually slipped into making music by accident, but we're grateful that she did. It hasn't taken her long to find success either. She made her debut last year with the ghostly, piano-driven "Can I" and has since released a further eight singles, garnering a significant fanbase in her home country and several million Spotify streams. The most recent of those releases was the slightly more upbeat "Wings", a more R&B-influenced effort that paints Amilli as a girl-next-door with an immediately likable voice and an uplifting hook. Her taste for the ethereal is still present throughout though, with the video subtly playing up to that, capturing Amilli in a hazy, dust-covered setting that feels almost dream-like and just out of reach.

Speaking with Complex via email, Amilli explained: "The song 'Wings' is about the absurdity of my upcoming in this whole music thing. I tried to describe the beauty of it but also address the fears that come with being in the public eye especially when you didn't really plan to be in this position."

"Wings" is out now.