Kanye West's Christian album Jesus Is King was released Friday, prompting exactly the debate one might expect from a questionable post-Pablo era Kanye project. In the spirit of excitedly setting God stuff aside for a minute, there's a moment on "Selah" that fans have noted may boast some inspiration from a certain Legend of Zelda soundtrack cut.

Tucked into the track, as Nintendo Life pointed out Monday, is a progression that calls to mind the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, particularly a specific Gerudo Valley-set composition.

West, of course, is a well-documented appreciator of the video game art form. Back in 2016, he shared a teaser trailer for an Only One video game. More recent reports, however, suggested the title was "in limbo."

While no one is suggesting that any ripping off or similar practices occurred with the "Selah" track, fans of West and/or Zelda have enjoyed the juxtaposition, made more noticeable with a full-on mashing up of the two:

In more important news, the Church of Satan has issued a response to the release of West's Christianity-themed Jesus Is King album. 

"Satan is the best friend Kanye has ever had, as he will keep him in business all these years," the official Church of Satan Twitter account informed the public late last week, notably repurposing a quote from founder Anton LaVey in which he said Satan was "the best friend the church has ever had."

Predictably (though no less annoyingly), there were indeed a few people who somehow took this joke as a West endorsement. It's not.

Well fucking played, CoS.