UPDATED 10/30, 10:33 a.m. ET: As expected, Kanye's wildly inaccurate comments have now inspired responses from both Planned Parenthood and the makers of Plan B.

"Plan B is not an abortion pill—it will not harm an existing pregnancy and it will not be effective if a woman is already pregnant," a Foundation Consumer Healthcare rep told TMZ, notably pointing out what most of us surely already knew.

A Planned Parenthood rep, meanwhile, spoke on the urgency of women's healthcare issues during this current era and condemned West for spreading dangerous misinformation.

"As Black women, we make our own decisions about our bodies and pregnancies, and want and deserve to have access to the best medical care available," the rep said. "Misinformation like this is meant to shame us and keep us from making our own health care decisions. Black women want and deserve support and access to the full range of reproductive health care, but this persistent lie is threatening our ability to obtain it."

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Christians are famous for saying extremely idiotic shit about women's healthcare, including their right to abortions. However, Kanye West—he of Jesus Is King tepidity and apparent Jerry Falwell Jr. fandom—took that distinctly Christian brand of WTF to a new level during a recent interview with Big Boy.

Tucked into last week's Big Boy chat, as TMZ and others have since noted, is a moment in which West seemingly confuses the Plan B pill with abortion (a popular and intentional tactic of those on the far right) and dangerously purports that the Democratic party forced abortions.

"We brainwashed out here, bro," West said about 10 minutes into the interview. "Come on, man. This is a free man talking. Democrats had us voting Democrat for food stamps for years, bro. What is you talking about? Guns in the 80s, taking the fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort our children. Thou shalt not kill."

If you must, see the moment in question for yourself below:

Now, a simple Twitter search shows that West's comments have caught on with exactly the sort of people you might imagine, i.e. pro-life zealots and related voices like The Daily Wire, Live Action, and—presumably—a lot of people's increasingly embarrassing relatives on Facebook.

Lest we forget, Jesus Is King has also received a ringing endorsement from one of Trump's sons, thus completing the conservative circle of Christianity that's currently swallowing us whole:

Anyway, in the spirit of clinging to small slithers of hope in the face of art going full-fascist, here are some worthy examples of people calling out West's abortion comments for their reckless dumbness:

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