While G Herbo was celebrating his 24th birthday, trouble was overflowing from his previous relationship. 

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the mother of G Herbo's child, Ariana Fletcher, blasted Herbo for allegedly letting their 18-month-old son spend time with his new girlfriend, Taina Williams.

"I asked you not to have my son around this hoe," Ari wrote. "I told you to your face not to have him around this lame ass hoe and yo hoe ass agreed and said you and her know better ain’t no disrespecting me when it comes to my son. Stupid bitch sitting here with her face frowned up while you got my son."

Ari's post follows Herbo and Taina taking over social media in celebration of the rapper's birthday. "You’re my favorite. My favorite pair of eyes to look into. My favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite way to spend my afternoons. You’re my favorite everything," Taina captioned a picture of her and Herb. "Happy Birthday @nolimitherbo I will do anything to see you happy today & every other day .. I love you - Taina baby."

Herb also shared the various adventures Williams coordinated for his birthday. 

This was capped off by Tiana gifting Herbo a chain that had the face of his recently passed grandmother on it. The sentiment of this gift and day was enough to bring the rapper to tears.

Fabolous, Taina's stepfather, also took to IG to wish Herbo a happy birthday and say he approves of their relationship.

Ari referenced Herbo's tears and his newfound relationship in her post. Not only did she resurface allegations that G Herbo has herpes, but she also accused Tiana of sleeping with Herbo's close friend and collaborator Lil Bibby.

"The bitch used to fuck Lil Bibby. She's a cum rag ass, wanna be wifey ass, tryna luck up ass hoe... Herb you have herpes that's a disease your going to die with," Ari said before accusing Herb of using witchcraft to get his herpes "prayed off." "Boy you don't even know how witchcraft work foreal... Fuck yo birthday lame ass n***a."

Although Ari is currently at odds with Herbo, it should be noted that the two had seemed to have found some common ground before his birthday. Just last week, Ari tweeted about Herbo teaching her how to roll weed. She then alluded to the fact that she might rekindle her relationship with the rapper after he "ruins" Tiana's life. 

Neither Herbo, Tiana, nor Bibby has responded publicly to Ari's antics. Complex reached out to the rapper; a rep for G Herbo declined to comment.