Fetty Wap is being sued by the landlord of his rental home for over $170,000 worth of renovations considered “necessary.”

According to The Blast, the state of the house became so bad because of the smell of marijuana, which permeated the paint on the walls and led to a huge renovation bill. He also reportedly left "holes in the walls and damaged the A/V equipment, sofas, cushions, coffee tables, pillows, desk cabinets, and mirrors." It's further alleged that Fetty allowed pets into the home and that they "damaged furniture and accessories with urine stains." The lawsuit added that Fetty "surrendered the Premises in a dirty, deplorable condition." Basically, the entire house needed work.

Painting the interior of the house ran the landlord almost $15,000, while redoing the wood floors cost $33,540. Wap rented the home—which is situated in the Hollywood Hills—for $35,000. The landlord is seeking $170,964 in damages to the rental home.

Earlier this month, footage surfaced that showed Fetty Wap getting into a fight with hotel security in Las Vegas. Fetty was arrested last month after he allegedly punched a guard at the Mirage Hotel and was booked on three counts of misdemeanor battery. TMZ reports the New Jersey native was ultimately hit with just one of those charges, though it's unclear why the other two were tossed.

The altercation took place in the hotel parking lot. Fetty and his crew were seen arguing with hotel staff before things quickly became physical. There’s no further information on what the issue between them was.