Danny Brown is on tour promoting his critically acclaimed album uknowhatimsayin¿ with the help of London-based artist Ashnikko. During a concert in Dallas, the rapper took it upon himself to defend his supporting act from a rude heckler.

When it was time for his set, Danny took the mic and spoke directly to the disrespectful fan. "We respect women, if you're a fan of Danny Brown you respect them the same way you respect me," the rapper said. "You respect them the same way you respect me, know what I'm saying? Grow the fuck up. You was wrong for that."

Ashnikko was appreciative of Danny's defense. She quoted the video with a tweet explaining the events that led to the rapper's response. "last night some lame ass dude was heckling me n shouting that my 'music sucks' while I was onstage. put his own headphones on & nearly had me in fuckin tears midset," Ashnikko said. "Then @xdannyxbrownx comes onstage & stops his show to say this! a legend! I will never stop singin his praises."

During a conversation with Complex, Danny Brown spoke about uknowhatimsayin¿ and what inspired the title. "I also got it from a podcast called Your Mom’s House. They would do all these compilations of black people saying 'you know what I’m sayin?' and try to figure out who says it the most," Danny explained. "I think that Kenyon Martin said it like 30 times in one minute or some shit."

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