Before the release of his second studio album Always Strive and Prosper, ASAP Ferg had a tweet go viral after he innocently thought he was correcting a journalist. "ASAP Ferg announced the name of his forthcoming album," the original tweet from Michell C. Clark in 2015 read.

"Second," Ferg responded. "Sorry if there is an inaccuracy somewhere, something we need to fix?" Clark asked. Ferg, explaining what his one-word tweet meant, said, "U said fourth coming album it's only the second."

Ferg later realized he misread the tweet after Clark explained he said "forthcoming" and not "fourth." "That's what I get for speed reading," he said. "You was right bro thanks." The tweets have since been deleted, but the moment has lived on in infamy. In fact, during a recent interview with Adam 22 of No Jumper, one of the most popular fan questions had to do with those very tweets.

"I'ma be honest with you, I did not know what forthcoming meant," Ferg explained at the 11:50 point of the interview. "We'd laugh about that shit all the time, like I deadass ain't know what forthcoming meant. People was probably laughing and act like, 'Aw this n***a sound so stupid. Did you know what forthcoming meant?' I lied and said like I just woke up but really I did not know what forthcoming meant, so I learned the hard way." 

Ferg is fresh off the release of his Floor Seats EP, but he will soon star as the host of Complex's new Formula series, The Pit. The five-part series will follow Ferg as he takes viewers on a deep dive of the Hungary Grand Prix. The first episode will premiere on Oct. 4, with new episodes to follow every Friday through to Nov. 1.